If it doesn't hurt to think about it, we're not going to try it.

The Idea

We're building a new virtual world enabling rich avatar interactions driven by sensor-equipped hardware, simulated and served by devices (phones, tablets and laptops/desktops) contributed by end-users.

The Matter

Voxels. We're making a strategic bet that rich computer rendering is heading there. Imagine an experience with cubes of many different sizes, with the ability to scale them down to a seamless molecular fabric. Now imagine these building blocks manifesting complex physical properties.

Finally, imagine that world extending visibly to vanishing points like our world does today, enabling you to see your house, your neighborhood, distant mountains, and other planets in the sky. We believe computing power and network transmission speeds are evolving to make such a world possible, represented by a sparse voxel octree data structure.

octal address

The Engine

A new kind of cloud. We're building a coordination system enabling millions of people to contribute their devices and share them to simulate the virtual world.

If we can successfully build this collective cloud, we think we can enable audience sizes for shared experiences that are orders of magnitude larger than what is possible today. Imagine contributing your computer to a project like SETI, but instead having it simulate part of the virtual world, and earning virtual world currency in exchange for helping to power the grid.

data transmission

The Fetish

Speed. We hate latency. and think it's both imperative and possible to have a lot less of it in the world we're building.

We believe that if the latency between avatars (the time between when you do or say something and when others see or hear it) can be kept very brief, magic will happen. We think richly rendered avatars capturing head movements, eye movements, and body language offer much more compelling person-to-person interaction possibilities than the poorly-lit, awkwardly-framed facsimiles of ourselves we share through videoconferencing today.

The Threads

We work in labcoats. Starched and ironed.

The Ask

Does our pursuit interest you? See our jobs page for more details. Or help us now. Our internal distributed development system, Worklist, is ready for new developers. Sign up, do some work, and get paid.

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